Critical and Cultural Politics and Racialisation Research Group

‌‌The Critical and Cultural Politics and Racialisation Research Group (CPPR) is a student-run interdisciplinary research group that brings together those who are engaged in work inspired by a variety of critical perspectives in international politics. The CCPR aims to give undergraduate and postgraduate students of various departments the opportunity to present and receive feedback for their work. It also organises several other events throughout the year, in which participants will have the chance to critically engage with contemporary debates on a variety of issues, including a specific focus on (neo)colonialism, race, identity, and cultural relations. We intend to continue to bring diverse and critical pedagogical perspectives to create an alternative and open space in which marginal perspectives can be brought to the fore. We are also engaged with arts, culture and performance to widen the media through which we engage with international politics. 


If you have any ideas or questions about the CCPR  or wish to present your work, please get in touch with the co-convenors:

Marcello de Souza Freitas :

Amal Abu-Bakare  :

Talwyn Baudu :


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