International History Research Group

 The International History Research Group (IHRG) was established in October 2004 and has made an active contribution to the research culture of the Department over the course of the last fifteen years. The IHRG is concerned with all aspects of international, transnational and global history. It has regularly organised seminars, roundtables and symposia, and brings together International Politics staff and postgraduate students, as well as colleagues from across the University, especially from the Department of History and Welsh History.

Distinguished visiting speakers who have addressed the IHRG have included Professor John R. Ferris (University of Calgary), Dr. Cees Wiebes (Free University of Amsterdam), Professor Keith Neilson (Royal Military College, Canada), Professor Greg Kennedy (Kings College London), Dr. G. Bruce Strang (Lake Head University, Ontario), and Professor David French (University College London). Visiting speakers invited to Aberystwyth by the IHRG have not been limited to academic historians. Indeed, one of the Group's most successful events was a ‘witness seminar' given by one of the last surviving RAF veterans of the Battle of Britain.

Convenors: Patrick Finney ( and Quincy Cloet (

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