What do our students say?

We have consistently high student satisfaction with scores of above 90% (NSS 2019). But it is even more important to know what studying with us is like from our student's perspective, so here is what some of our students say about us:


The Department has provided me with a new-found understanding of the world through modules on issues surrounding concepts of globalisation and the lives of women in the Third World. With experts in so many fields it is great having such an approachable set of tutors. My three years here at Aberystwyth have been educational as well as enjoyable and I would recommend studying here to anyone. Hannah Mitchell

Great lecturers, great building, great people on the course! Matthew David Bold

We have the best building and facilities on campus, and our seminars always result in stimulating discussions which open the mind to perspectives new and old from across the globe. Our department also organises brilliant activities both as part of modules and as extra-curricular events, from tours of the Welsh Assembly with talks from high-ranking civil servants to international exchange programmes and realistic crisis games! Edward Silva

What's great about Political Studies is the variety of choice you have in exactly what you want to study. There is no other course that has quite the same level of interaction between students. Emma Rammell

I love the International Politics course, because it's a subject that attracts a wide range of people from around the UK and internationally, meaning you encounter a wide range of opinions. The seminars allow for great discussion and learning, and the lectures themselves are interesting with just as interesting lecturers! Roxy Taylor

The course is perfect for those, who like me, are curious about the inner workings of politics around the world. Ryan Hunter

What stands out for me about the International Politics department at Aberystwyth University is the excellent standard of teaching, research and environment that the department encourages from its students. The staff are all experts in their field, and the students are passionate about their subject which makes for very enjoyable seminars, very interesting lectures and an all-round excellent experience as a student. It's a stellar place to study and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the field! Mathew Calfe

I love that I get to explore subjects that are of personal interest to me. The seminars are good - discussing the topics and finding out what my fellow classmates have interpreted about the subject-matter really helps me to develop my own answers and understanding, which then enables me get better scores when it comes to essay and exam time! Adam Curtis

What I love about my course is the variation in module choices, the depth of discussion and the freedom to take a unique perspective on an issue whilst still remaining in a structured environment. Alex John Haden 

The main thing I love about International Politics & Strategic Studies is the uniqueness of the subject as well as the breadth of options that are available to students. Strategic Studies allows you to examine the nature of conflict, why it occurs in society and what role it plays in the international system. Career-wise, the uniqueness and rigour of the modules ensure that future employers take your CV seriously, especially in defence-related areas. All in all, the International Politics & Strategic Studies degree offers a rigorous and fascinating education with great prospects. Alan Jeffrey