Student Network Fair Usage Guidelines

To ensure all users enjoy the best service, whatever the demands on the network, we operate a fair usage policy.

Aberystwyth University is part of the high-speed JANET network that links UK universities to the Internet. However, as with all Internet Service Providers, there is a physical limit to the network connection available to us.

Network traffic monitoring has shown us that it is often a small number of users of the Student Network who are responsible for using most of the capacity. Those using more than their 'fair share' impact on the service available to other users of the network. People using real time applications such as telephony, webcams and games notice this most as they will experience occasional dropouts or delays.

Information Services reserves the right to impose a quota limit at any time in order to ensure the optimum possible service for all users. The Fair Usage Policy, by reducing the bandwidth used by this small number of people, will mean an improved service for all.