Filming, Photographing and Sound Recording permissions form

 I/We agree to the following conditions:   

  • Filming/photography/sound recording must not interfere with the study, research, privacy or safety needs of Library users.
  • Appropriate permission must be obtained from individuals who are to be filmed, photographed or recorded.
  • Neither filmed footage, photographs or sound recordings should be transmitted or broadcast without the permission of those filmed.
  • Filming/photography/sound recording  must not hinder access to fire exits, stairways, exits, doorways or to the stock and resources of the Library.
  • Noise levels must be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbance to Library staff and users.
  • Any equipment used must not cause a health and safety hazard to Library staff and users.

Unless there are special circumstances, we request that any filming in the Hugh Owen Library is done on Levels D and E, and that during term-time, filming, photographing or sound recording takes place either between 08:30-10:00 in the morning or after 17:00 in the evening.  

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This Policy is maintained by Information Services, was last reviewed in May 2023 and is due for review in May 2025.