Information Services Food and Drink Policy

The following policy is intended to balance the needs of all of our users. We ask all users to help make this policy work by observing the rules and keeping the library a comfortable and appropriate place to study.


1. Library users can have cold food in all the libraries (apart from when consulting rare books, archives or theses).

2. Please be considerate to others and do not bring in smelly, greasy and messy cold food, hot takeaway food that has gone cold nor cold food in noisy packaging.

3. Hot food and meals are not permitted in any area of any of the libraries.

  • Hot food tends to produce odours that can disturb others.
  • Hot food tends to be messy. Oils, sauces, etc. can damage library property.
  • Full meals tend to produce more rubbish.
  • Food debris may damage library property and may attract rodents and insects.

4. Do not have take-away food delivered to any of the libraries.

5. Anyone with hot food or any cold food that causes a smell or mess will be asked to take it out of the library.


6. Cold and hot drinks are permitted in all the libraries (apart from when consulting rare books, archives or theses), provided they are in spill-proof containers with lids.

7. Alcohol must not be consumed in any of the libraries.

Consideration for Others

8. To make sure the library remains a pleasant environment for everyone, we ask all users to clear away after themselves, so that packaging and other mess is kept to a minimum.

9. Information Services staff will ask you to move to another area of the library or remind you of the Information Services regulations if they feel that you are not using the area appropriately and are disturbing other students.


This Policy is maintained by Information Services, was last reviewed in November 2021 and will be reviewed again in November 2023.