Information Services Food and Drink Policy

The following policy is intended to balance the needs of all of our users. We ask all users to help make this policy work by observing the rules and keeping the library a comfortable and appropriate place to study.

Our Food and Drink policy has been changed following COVID-19 guidelines.


  1. Food is not permitted in any area of the library. Our bookable slots are 3 hour long which means our users can eat either before or after their visit to the library.
  2. Library vending machines will not be providing snacks


2. Cold drinks are permitted in all the libraries (apart from when consulting rare books, archives or theses), provided they are in spill-proof containers with lids.

3. Alcohol must not be consumed in any of the libraries.

Consideration for Others

4. To make sure the library remains a pleasant environment for everyone, we ask all users to clear away after themselves, so that packaging and other mess is kept to a minimum.

5. Information Services staff will ask you to move to another area of the library or remind you of the Information Services regulations if they feel that you are not using the area appropriately and are disturbing other students.


This Policy is maintained by Information Services, was last reviewed in September 2020 and is due for review in September 2022.