Non-Academic Computer Use by Students

The Aberystwyth University computing network is part of JANET – the UK’s education and research network. All use of the network is bound by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and the Information Services Regulations.

Computing facilities are provided to authorised Aberystwyth University users in support of the academic aims of the University.

A limited amount of non-academic use is permitted as a privilege to our users as long as it does not:

  • break the law
  • contravene the JANET Acceptable Use Policy
  • use amounts of bandwidth or network resources that could compromise the legitimate academic use of the network by other users
  • compromise the security of the network or other users
  • breach copyright in any way
  • infringe upon the personal privacy of individuals
  • divert staff time away from supporting the academic use of the network
  • disturb or prevent others from using the facilities for the academic purpose for which they are provided

Specific activity that is NOT allowed

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) - used mainly in file sharing, communications and gaming.
  • Network scanning
    AU network traffic is monitored for network scanning activity and if this is detected, your external connection will be dropped for 30 minutes. You will still be able to access internal AU pages. Software that can cause network scanning activity includes P2P software, Viruses, and Trojans. To use the AU network without interruption, users are recommended to use up to date Anti-Virus software and to disable any P2P type software running on their computer.
  • Using webcams covertly or to show the activities of identifiable individuals without their consent
  • Accessing offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material
  • Sending unsolicited (spam) bulk emails
  • Sending nuisance, offensive or defamatory emails
  • Posting nuisance, offensive or defamatory material on the web and social networking sites

Information Services have a responsibility to ensure that the JANET Acceptable Use Policy is adhered to and reserve the right to alter network configurations to facilitate this and remove privileged access where necessary.

Disciplinary Actions

Misuse of facilities as outlined above can have severe consequences. Immediate action will be taken if such use is identified:

  • Information Services will block network access and anyone involved in misuse will be asked to see I.S. staff to discuss the matter.
  • Further action within I.S. Regulations, which can include levying a fine, would depend on the nature of the misuse and its consequences.
  • Individuals will be held personally responsible for breaches of Copyright or Data Protection legislation