Web Publishing at Aberystwyth University

This policy is currently under review 23/11/2020

Aberystwyth University provides the opportunity to publish web pages within the aber.ac.uk domain to

  • support research activity
  • enhance teaching
  • provide means of disseminating information about the University to its members, to potential staff and students and to the general public.
  • allow individual users to provide non-academic information as part of the general process of learning about computer services, though permission to do so is a privilege rather than a right.

This service is only available to contracted staff and registered students at the University.

Guidelines for material originating in aber.ac.uk

All information provided using A.U. web facilities may be seen as having, in some way, the support of the University and will affect how people view the University. Therefore, no provider should publish any information in a way which could adversely affect the good name or reputation of the University, nor provide material which is inappropriate for dissemination by the University. Included in this is any material that could lead to a civil suit against the University as publishers of the Web, such as alleged libel or of a breach of copyright.

Information provision on the A.U. web facilities falls into the following categories:

  • Official University information
  • Departmental, research group and service unit information
  • Information provided by individual members of the University.

There are some general guidelines that apply to all these categories, and more specific ones for each.

General Guidelines

All sets of web pages must:

  • fall within the Regulations of the University, including matters such as disseminating offensive or harassing material;
  • be legal within U.K. criminal law;
  • be legal within U.K. civil law, which covers matters such as copyright or libel.
  • be overseen by a named person who is responsible for the presentation and content, and who can be identified from the initial (home) web page where the details should include their A.U email address (for personal webpages)

In addition, material from other web sites should not be used on any page within the .aber.ac.uk domain (either directly or through the use of frames) without the explicit permission of the owner of the original material.

Official University Information

The editorial policy for the University's central pages is under the remit of the Web Steering Group chaired by a Pro-Vice Chancellor reporting to the Management Information Committee. The group reviews the University's web provision and makes appropriate recommendations for continued development.

Departmental, Research Group and service unit web pages

All web pages must clearly state that they are the responsibility of the Department or unit concerned and their home page must include a contact name and an A.U. email address so that readers are aware who is responsible for the editorial policy of the pages. The information must be in direct support of the Department or group or unit's activities, though individual opinions may be expressed within the context of associated research activities.

Page design and layout, together with content, is the responsibility of the Department group or unit. However, as the pages represent the University it is expected that they will be designed in accordance with the Guidelines in the Collegiate Identity Manual. The use of the University logo is required and the logo should function as a link back to the University homepage (http://www.aber.ac.uk). 

Pages falling into this category must include the phrase or abbreviation "Aberystwyth University/A.U." or "Prifysgol Aberystwyth / P.A." in the title field of their homepage.

When providing official information, Departments, groups and units should ensure compliance with the Welsh Language Policy

The minimum set of data which Departments should make available on the web is:

  • contact information and directory of staff
  • a brief outline of the department's activities
  • brief descriptions of programmes of study available
  • details of staff research interests
  • information about current research
  • links to their past undergraduate modular examination papers.

Individual users

The facility for individual computer users to publish non-academic information on the web is made available on the basis that such a facility is an aid to developing experience on computer-based services. It is however offered as a privilege not as a right.

Users have a duty to ensure they use these resources in a responsible manner. Information Services will take action against users who abuse this privilege. One result of such action could be loss of the permission to publish web pages, though wider action would be taken in cases where the Regulations are seriously breached.

A disclaimer must also be included indicating that the University has no direct responsibility for the content and giving the individual's name and A.U.email address for contact. An example is:

The information provided on this and other pages by me, Fred Smith (xxx@aber.ac.uk), is under my own personal responsibility and not that of Aberystwyth University. Similarly, any opinions expressed are my own and are in no way to be taken as those of A.U. The use of the University's logo or crest is not allowed on individual user's web pages.


The information on Making a complaint about offensive or other unacceptable on-line material explains how you can contact A.U. if you feel that someone has published material that does not conform to these rules and how the complaint will be handled.