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Dr Gwion Evans


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Gwion graduated with a degree in Mathematics at Cardiff University in 1998. His PhD research under the supervision of David Evans, also at Cardiff, focused on C*-algebras associated to higher-rank graphs. He moved to the University of Copenhagen and then to the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, where over a two year period as a postdoctoral researcher he developed his understanding of the interplay between C*-algebras and topological dynamics, including multidimensional symbolic dynamics. In 2005 Gwion returned to West Wales to take up an administrative position within Aberystwyth University's Planning Office, where he assisted the Senior Management Team with preparing the University's 2008 Research Assessment Exercise submissions, and administered planning and financial matters relating, amongst other things, to the University's recurrent grant from HEFCW and its Welsh for Adults Centre.   After completing the bulk of his work for the RAE submissions, he began as a part-time Mathematics lecturer, assisting with developing the Department's Welsh medium provision, before taking up a full-time lectureship, with responsibility for Welsh medium provision, in 2011.


Gwion’s interests lie in the theory and application of Operator Algebras, particularly in C-algebras and their interplay with topological dynamics and quantum information and control. His current specific interests include: topological invariants and the structure of C-algebras associated to higher-rank graphs; C-algebraic approaches to multi-dimensional symbolic dynamics; and C-algebras associated with inverse semigroups. He is a member of the Aberystwyth Quantum Structures, Information and Control (AQStIC) group within the Department of Mathematics, and the Welsh Society for Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry (Welsh SONG).


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