Dr Rolf Gohm

Dr Rolf Gohm

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Born and brought up in the south-west of Germany, Dr. Rolf Gohm studied Mathematics in Stuttgart and obtained a PhD in Tuebingen (1993). Since that time he is interested in the analytical, algebraic and probabilistic structures motivated by quantum physics. As a Research and Teaching Assistant in Greifswald, at the Baltic Sea, he wrote a habilitation thesis which in 2004 was published as a book with the title “Noncommutative Stationary Processes”. In 2005 he moved to England as a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the University of Reading and in 2007 he started as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Aberystwyth University.



  • Noncommutative Probability Theory
  • Operator Algebras
  • Operator Theory
  • Quantum Control

The quantum revolution in physics has also inspired new directions in mathematical research, by introducing new kinds of noncommutative structures. In particular, noncommutative probability merges probability theory with quantum physics. This provides starting points for excursions into the deep pure mathematics of operator algebras and operator theory and leads naturally to exciting new applications such as quantum control.

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  • Thursday 14-16


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Weak Markov Processes as Linear SystemsGohm, R. 2015 In : Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems (MCSS).27, 3, p. 375-41339 p.
A Trotter-Kato Theorem for Quantum Markov LimitsBouten, L., Gohm, R., Gough, J. & Nurdin, H. 2015 In : EPJ Quantum Technology.2, 1, 15 p., 9
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