Former University President to discuss House of Lords reform

Elystan Morgan's last ceremony

01 February 2008

Former University President to discuss House of Lords reform
Lord Elystan Morgan will deliver a Public Lecture on the Reforms of the House of Lords at Aberystwyth University on Friday 8 February.
Organised by the Aberystwyth University's Mooting Society, the lecture takes place in room D5 in the Hugh Owen Building on the Penglais campus and starts at 5 p.m.

Speaking ahead of the lecture Matthew Seys-Llewellyn Chair of the Mooting Society said;

“Lord Elystan will be talking about the constitutional situation of the House of Lords, and will focus particularly on the proposed changes from the 2007 White Paper.

“He will express his views on abolition, although he believes that reform is the best way forward given the success of a constitutionally weaker Upper House as a re-drafting and advisory chamber (given that the House of Commons may overrule the upper house if the House of Lords continues to reject a Bill (Parliament Act 1911, amended Parliament Act 1949).

“Lord Elystan will use as a template the Irish Senate (the Seanad Éireann) and consider how far such a system of mixed interests and a chamber explicitly designed to be an advisory body would work in the Westminster system.  His speech will therefore combine the incisive mind of a lawyer with his political experience in the Home Office and, naturally, first hand knowledge of the workings of the House of Lords”, he added.

The Mooting Society forms part of the University's Law Department. Its aim is to allow Law students to improve their legal knowledge and compete in a realistic court setting, judged by an expert lecturer in that field.  It also benefits its members and other students by advising on work placements and inviting distinguished external lecturers.

Members also compete in external competitions, and are currently doing well in the Oxford University Press (OUP) Moot.  A lighter, more practical side, of the society will be in the forthcoming mock trial of Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk fame) where the eponymous hero will be tried for theft and murder.