Former University President to discuss House of Lords reform

01 February 2008

Lord Elystan Morgan will deliver a Public Lecture on the Reforms of the House of Lords on Friday 8 February.

Europe's Celtic Roots

01 February 2008

The Department of Welsh have been awarded a grant of £390,889 to pursue their search for the earliest evidence of the Celtic language from which Welsh and the other surviving Celtic languages developed.

Life on Mars?

25 February 2008

A team led by Dr Dave Barnes from the Department of Computer Science is playing a leading role in the preparation of the ExoMars Rover for the European Space Agency Aurora mission to Mars in 2013.

Professor Gerd Althoff

01 February 2008

The leading German academic, Professor Gerd Althoff of the University of Münster, one of the founding fathers of the "New Political History" movement will give a public lecture on 'Irony in Medieval Politics' on Monday 11 February.

Pool opened

11 February 2008

The University's newly refurbished swimming pool has been officially opened by one of its most loyal swimmers, the Director of Planning Mr Brian Foster.

Bilingual law journal

08 February 2008

The Cambrian Law Review, an academic journal edited by the Department of Law and Criminology has published, for the first time in its 35 year history, a volume of bilingual papers.

Anglo-Norman grant

01 February 2008

The team working on the Anglo- Norman Dictionary has secured £873,669 for work on letters J, K and L.

Ice shelf collapse explained

07 February 2008

Writing in the Journal of Glaciology, Professor Neil Glasser argues the collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002 was caused by a number of factors, and not just global warming as was first believed.

Green Award

01 February 2008

The University's highly successful lilac bag recycling initiative has been highly commended at the Aber First Awards, a new award scheme designed to acknowledge best practice and excellence displayed by individuals, organisations and businesses in Aberystwyth.