Rural health and community wellbeing

03 April 2013

Consultant Ophthalmologist Manoj Kulshrestha appointed as Wales’ first Reader in Rural Health and Community Wellbeing.

Inspired learning and teaching

05 April 2013

Staff who stand out for their ability to inspire, challenge and engage students will be recognised by the student body at this year’s Student Led Teaching Awards.

Make do and mend

09 April 2013

Lifelong learning award for sewing courses designed to recycle and up-cycle old clothing and encourage the formation of new small businesses.

Ministerial advice

10 April 2013

Technology transfer specialist Dr Rhian Hayward appointed to the Welsh Industrial Development Advisory Board by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

Rhythm of life

10 April 2013

IBERS lecturer reveals how aquatic organisms adapt to the tide

Lord Owen on eurozone crisis

11 April 2013

Former Foreign Secretary and one of the founding members of the Social Democratic Party Lord David Owen will deliver a public lecture on the Eurozone Reform and the British EU policy next week.

Aberystwyth in London

12 April 2013

Aberystwyth University and Wales in London are holding a joint dinner in London next week.

Ageing society debate

17 April 2013

Aberystwyth debates the benefits and challenges of an ageing society

Best young novelists

17 April 2013

English and Art History graduate Sarah Hall named as one of the twenty best young British novelists.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

18 April 2013

Statement on Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Psychological effects of cancer

22 April 2013

Aberystwyth hosts an exhibition of art inspired by patients’ experiences of penile cancer.

Bioblitz set to shatter record

23 April 2013

Bioblitz organisers confident of breaking the record for the number of species found on a university campus in one day.

Big cat discovery

25 April 2013

The rediscovery of a mystery animal in a museum’s underground storeroom proves that a non-native ‘big cat’ prowled the countryside at the turn of the last century.

Human trafficking

26 April 2013

New study by law professor Ryszard Piotrowicz provides basis for major initiative to protect rights of human trafficking victims.

Native Welsh ponies unique

26 April 2013

Wild ponies grazing the Carneddau Mountains of north Wales are genetically unique according to researchers at IBERS.

Holding back the flood

29 April 2013

IBERS scientists discover that grass hybrid has potential to combat flooding.

Ancient kingdom of the Nile

30 April 2013

Researchers solve the riddle of how one of Africa’s greatest civilisations survived a catastrophic drought which wiped out other famous dynasties.