Integrated Detectors

** RECENT DEVELOPMENTS - a 1536 pixel variant **

A new version of the detector is currently being deployed which has 1536 pixels over an area of 4mm. This version has improved control electronics, allowing even faster aquisition time.

Overview of the Project

The Charge Detector Array project is concerned with the development, design and use of a high performance one-dimensional pixelated electron counting detector array. The array detector finds application in mass spectrometry, electron spectroscopy and other areas.

768 channel multichannel detector ASIC mounted on a ceramic substrate

The 768 pixels in the device run horizontally across the picture at the top of the ASIC. The counters and other digital circuitry associated with each pixel are located below the pixels. The rainbow effects on the electronics circuitry are due to diffraction patterns.

The ASIC in the photo measures approximately 20mm by 7mm. The active area occupied by the pixels is 19.2mm by 3mm. Each pixels measures 25um by 3mm. The ceramic wafer is 69mm in diameter and is designed to fit a CLAM4 electron energy analyser.