Semiconductor Research

Semiconductor research at Aberystwyth specialises in experimental studies of organic and inorganic surfaces, interfaces and device structures.

The main focus is on carbon-based semiconductors, principally small conjugated organic molecules and diamond. These are important electronic and opto-electronic materials and the aim of the research is to correlate physical and electronic structure at the nano-scale with functionality of bulk materials in practical applications.

The group is also active in instrument development, in particular in the field of multi-channel electron and ion detectors.

A range of experimental techniques (including real-time photoelectron spectroscopy) are applied and developed in a well-equipped Materials Laboratory at Aberystwyth and these are supplemented by regular use of large-scale central facilities, in particular synchrotron radiation sources.

The work is strongly collaborative, involving international academic and industrial partners.

Results are regularly presented at international conferences and the team has published over 100 papers and reports since 1997. The research has received support of around £100k p.a. from a range of sources (e.g. EPSRC, STFC, EU, industry) and has additionally benefited from a significant infrastructure investment from the University and HEFCW (IMAPS has attracted over £400k p.a. in recent years).