Researcher Career Development

Aberystwyth University is committed to supporting the good management and support of researchers and their careers. Information can be found here about our commitment to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, and other initiatives that support Researcher Development.

Welsh Crucible

Welsh Crucible is an award-winning programme of personal, professional and leadership development for the future research leaders of Wales. Now in its eighth year, the programme supports research-inspired innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration in Wales.

Welsh Crucible provides a unique opportunity to bring together thirty researchers to explore how they can work together to tackle the current research challenges facing Wales.  Welsh Crucible takes place over three intensive two-day (residential) workshops comprising inspiring guest speakers, seminars, skills sessions and informal discussions.

It is free to attend due to funding from HEFCW and Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities, and the University of South Wales.  All residential costs, including accommodation and catering, and costs for all sessions in the three Welsh Crucible labs, will be provided for successful candidates. However, all travel and subsistence costs incurred by attendees must be paid by their departments. All other costs are met by Welsh Crucible.

Welsh Crucible will help you to 

      • develop a network of peers within the research community, 
      • forge links with Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales, and the Welsh media;
      • improve your effectiveness both within and beyond your organisation;
      • ensure that your research has greater impact;
      • learn about different areas of research and encourage personal and career development.

Many previous ‘Crucibles’ reported that this is probably the best development activity they have ever undertaken and well worth the time investment.


  • Must be an early or mid-career researcher with 3 years post-doc research experience.
  • Must be working in Wales at one of the funding Universities (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff,  Swansea, South Wales) OR in R&D in business, industry or the public sector.

Further information can be found on the Welsh Crucible website:


Aberystwyth University is a member of the Euraxess UK Centres. Euraxess UK Centres form a network of Universities across the UK and Europe all ‘badged’ with the Euraxess honour. These centres support the staff of their own institution by providing assistance to researchers coming to or leaving the institution. Becoming a member can attract world-class research talent to our institution and encourage UK researchers to gain experience abroad which is something that helps the University become connected with researchers abroad and facilitates the creation of international collaboration. Reviewers of applications to EU research grants are likely to be reassured by our status that internationally mobile fellows supported by their grants will receive the best possible help and advice to settle-in at our institution, and hence the Euraxess badge should help grant capture.

In the meantime, AU academics wanting advice are welcome to contact 

Information about Euraxess for non-AU academics, including the contact details of the LCP can be found here.

Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers