Membership Packages


Student Membership

All students staying in University accommodation will be able to use all of the Sports Centre activities for free - this includes the gym, Classes, Group Cycle, BoxRox climbing wall plus the pool and Saunarium.  Access to the Sports Centre is Free to Members only.

Sports Centre membership can currently be purchased online, either through the new Legend webpage or through the Aberystwyth Sport Centre App. Alternatively, please come to the Sports Centre reception if you want to become a member.

Platinum Membership Membership Price

Residential Package

Unlimited access to the following areas:

  • Gym and Free Weights
  • Fit-Together - Group Exercise and Group Cycle Classes
  • Swim and Saunaurium
  • Climbing Wall – Box Rox 
  • 400m Floodlit Running Track 

145 Membership

For non-residential students

BUY NOW and have full access
Until June 2025

*from the end of May 2024



Unlimited access to the following areas:

  • Gym and Free Weights
  • Fit-Together - Group Exercise and Group Cycle Classes
  • Swim and Saunaurium
  • Climbing Wall – Box Rox
  • 400m Floodlit Running Track 


Now £145


Staff Membership

Staff wishing to take up a membership will be able to do so by purchasing their first month through reception. Within the near future through our new Aberystwyth Sport Centre App you will be able to set up a direct debit. Once set up you will need to validate your membership in reception by providing your staff card to the reception, who will then activate your account. 

• Staff Membership is £27.50 per month and provides you with a Platinum membership pass. 

Membership Membership Details  Monthly

Unlimited access to all of the following areas:
• Gym and Free Weights
• Fit-Together Programme -Group Exercise and Group Cycle classes 
• 400m Floodlit running track 
• Swimming Pool
• Indoor Climbing Wall – Box Rox (Induction required)


We are also offering Staff Badminton and Football sessions across the academic year which are free to platinum members.

For further advice and questions, please contact 


The Community

Community members can purchase unlimited access to the Sports Centre for multiple months membership packages via the online portal through our new Legend system which will be available soon. 

Classes are running as per the timetable on our website. 

Membership Membership One or 3 month Payment



Unlimited free use of the following activities
• Gym and Free Weights
• FitTogether Programme -Group Exercise and Group Cycle classes 

 400m floodlit running track - 
• Swim and Saunaurium
• Indoor Climbing Wall – Box Rox (Induction is required)

£32.50 or £97.50


300 Club Corporate


Emergency Services)

Unlimited free use of the following activities
• Gym and Free Weights
• FitTogether Programme -Group Exercise and Group Cycle classes 

• 400m floodlit running track 
• Swim and Saunaurium
• Indoor Climbing Wall – Box Rox (Induction is required)

 £29 or £87 


Teen Gym 


still in secondary education)

Unlimited free use of the following activities
• Gym and Free Weights
• FitTogether Programme -Group Exercise and Group Cycle classes 

• 400m floodlit running track 
• Swim and Saunaurium
• Indoor Climbing Wall – Box Rox (Induction is required)

 £12.50 or £37.00

Teen Gym 

You must provide 
proof of age to purchase 
membership and complete a Gym Induction

Unlimited free use of the following activities 

• Gym - Access is only available Tuesday, and Friday between 3.30-5 pm
   & 10 am-12 midday at the weekend 

• 400m floodlit running track

• Swim 

£12.50 or £33 


Affiliated Institutions Membership

Affiliated memberships are only applicable to memberships of staff of the National Library or Aber Instruments. 

For further advice and questions, please contact 

Membership Membership Monthly

Unlimited access to all of the following areas:
• Gym and Free Weights
• Fit-Together Programme -Group Exercise and Group Cycle classes 
• 400m Floodlit running track 
• Swimming Pool
• Indoor Climbing Wall – Box Rox (Induction required)


Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Sport Aber Membership 

The Sports Centre is committed to the protection of our valued members and local community user’s privacy through compliance of the Data Protection Act and current best practice.

The following conditions are designed to ensure that all members maximise the benefits offered by Sports Centre Membership in a safe and congenial manner.

  1. I will inform Sports Centre staff of any changes to my health during the time that I visit the Sports Centre, or if I feel unwell in the week after visiting the Sports Centre.
  2. I understand that I need to complete the online induction if I wish to access the Gym or Indoor Climbing Wall
  3. I agree not to lend my card to anyone else and that failure to comply may lead to membership being withdrawn
  4. I agree to notify a Sports Centre member of staff if I have or develop a medical condition which may jeopardise the safety of others or myself whilst using the Sports Centre.
  5. I will ensure that I only come to the Sports Centre when I am feeling well and that no member of my family or social circle have any Coronavirus symptoms.
  6. I understand that the management cannot take responsibility for the theft of loss of any personal effects left in the changing rooms.
  7. I understand that whilst I am covered by University Public Liability insurance, I am responsible for securing personal liability insurance for any sporting injuries received whilst using Sports Centre facilities or courses.
  8. I understand that as part of my Sports Centre Platinum Membership is that Sports Centre staff have access to restricted information contained on my swipe card e.g. date of birth, address etc.
    a. By providing the information, either in written or verbal form, you will be giving consent for us to use it appropriately for one or more specific purposes related directly to your membership at the time of your contract - GDPR Art. 6(1)(a).
  9. The management of Sports Centre reserve the right to cancel any membership in breach of rules or conduct which in the view of the management of SC is offensive to customers and / or staff or represents a health and safety danger.
  10. Children must be supervised by their own parent or guardian. Children must not be left unattended unless being supervised in a class environment by a Sports Centre staff member.
  11. I understand that my membership fee is non-refundable under normal circumstances – full details will be available on our web pages.
  12. This document is a guide to how Aberystwyth University Sports Centre records, safeguards and uses information that we hold on customers when they join our membership scheme or any of our short courses. How we collect information in order to join our membership scheme, use the gym or take part in any organised activity such as running group or swimming lesson etc.

We request that you provide us with basic information that will help us identify you and allow us to help you get the best service from the Sports Centre. We collect this information either:

  • In person from you when you register for an activity at the Sports Centre to assist with Track and Trace
  • Via the web, when you buy an online purchase
  • Via Astra, which already holds information relating to staff and students
  • Via a transfer of information via Aber People when staff join Sports Centre Membership

The information we collect:

  • We need to be able to identify our members and anyone who signs up for a short course, or wishes to use the Sports Centre
  • This is basic information such as your full name, address and contact details
  • It might also include more sensitive data such as any medical issues that might affect your workout or your bank details if you are setting up a direct debit with us.
  • Sometimes we need information about your child as well as yourself – usually name and date of birth, so that we can look at our children’s class set up in swimming, climbing or our summer camps.
  • Although we do ask for gender, this information is not used for reporting purposes.
    How we use the information
  • We use your personal information to create a clear track and trace system to enable us to contact anyone who has used the Sports Centre and might have been exposed to, or exposed others to Covid-19
  • We use your name and date of birth to create a member profile that is unique to you generate, or obtain your Personal Number on Astra for membership or on the Matrix system to record if you have done a gym induction, or when you join a swimming or climbing lesson or attend our children’s sports camps.
  • Having a UID allows our systems to operate efficiently and ensures that you are charged at the correct amount.
  • We use your email to circulate information regarding classes and membership changes here at the Sports Centre
  • If you have requested a monthly payment, then as an external member, we will use the Banking information that you gave us to set up a 12 month Direct Debit

Your choices

  • You are able to request how we contact you, and ask to be removed from mailing lists
  • By law, you are now able to ask for all personal data regarding you to be removed from our membership and gym systems.
  • However, please be aware that this will invalidate your membership and you may have to complete a Gym Induction the next time you wish to use the Sports Centre.
  • You are able to amend your membership end date by:
    • Informing us in person – but you will have to cancel your DD at the bank
    • As a member of staff, by updating your AberPeople payment record
    • As a student, by letting us know if you are leaving the University

Request for removal

  • Your membership information updated at the end of your term unless you request to terminate early or set up another 12 month membership.
  • We can remove all your records from the gym system, but you will then need to complete an induction if you wish to use the gym at a later date

How we protect your personal information

  • Our membership information is held centrally on the University’s record system
  • This allow us to have a protected and robust database to ensure that your information is not shared externally
  • We use credible payment methods for your credit card transactions at the till
  • We have a resilient Direct Debit system that utilises the University’s financial systems and we work closely with the Finance Department offices to ensure that all data in relation to your bank details follows correct protocols.
  • We do not share your information to external parties
  • We only use your information for membership purposes or when you sign up for a course or a gym induction.
  • We do not sell or distribute our mailing lists

Your consent

  • When you sign up for membership or a short course, we ask you to provide information to enable us to process your application
  • Full terms and conditions of these can be had in hard copy or seen online on our web pages
  • You can email us on to change your information or request for removal from our systems

Right of access

  • You have the right to request permission to see what data we hold on your account and how we use this information to process your application
  • Our website only holds information regarding activities and facilities at the Sports Centre and does not have any direct external links.

Social Media Platforms

  • We frequently use Social Media Platforms to promote what is going on at the Sports Centre.
  • We use photographs of our members in classes and other venues only with permission of that person.
  • We sometimes have a professional photographer to come and take shots – permission will be asked for before the photoshoot and pre-warning will be given on Social Media sites
  • Sometimes our teachers will ask to take a shot during or after the class
  • No photographs or videos are taken without informing the members first
  • Any photographs used on our sites can be removed if the person wishes
  • We have clear signage in the Sports Centre to prohibit photographs being taken by other users
  • We have a general FB pages which provides information
  • External users are not able to post onto the main page, but can ask questions via messenger - 
  • We have a specific FitTogether FB page, which is a closed group for our members and class tutors to share information and ask questions 
  • We have a Twitter page for information only - @AberSport - We have an Instagram page – sportaber 

Student Amendments – in addition to the above

  1. I understand that I need a Sporty Card to join any Aberystwyth University Sports Team.
  2. I agree to sign up to my Club via the Athletic Unions web page. 
  3. I understand that information regarding my membership will need to be current before I can register onto the Athletic Union's system.
  4. I understand that Club Sporty (entitles me to free and discounted use of the facilities), course, teams and Aberystwyth University Sports Clubs and that charges to these may be periodically revised at the discretion of the management.
  5. I understand that if I cancel a facility booking without due notification, I will be liable for an appropriate charge.
  6. I understand that personal insurance is included in the price of the Sporty Card.