Examples of the type of comments we get, and where they should go

a) I live in halls and the lock on my door is broken, can someone fix it please?

- In this case, the student should call Campus Help on 01970 622999

b) I reset my password but have been locked out of my Uni account

- Information Services can help - call 01970 622400 or email is@aber.ac.uk

c) I'd like to give anonymous feedback on my course

- Fill out the TUN form and leave the name and email address fields blank. Please note that we can't respond to anonymous comments 

d) I'm worried about a friend, they're struggling at the moment.

Get in touch with Nightline or the Student Wellbeing Service.

e) I've got some suggestions on how my module seminar could be improved, and I'm not sure who to speak to.

- Get in touch with your module coordinator or fill out a TUN form (leaving your contact details) and we can put you in touch with the right people.