Direct Loans

Aberystwyth University is recognised as a Foreign School by the US Department of Education and holds a Title IV Agreement. Our School Code is G08452, and our OPEID is 00845200.  Please note that although we are in the United Kingdom, our University is in Wales rather than England. This is reflected in the U.S. Department of Education's School Code list.

Ensure that you have been offered a place on a full-time degree course (Bachelor, Master or Doctoral) at Aberystwyth University before starting your loan application.

Applications for Bachelor's degree courses should be submitted via the UK's central admissions system for undergraduate courses - UCAS. Please contact our Undergraduate Admissions Office and visit the undergraduate pages for further information.

Applications for Master's degree courses and Doctoral programs should be submitted directly to the Postgraduate Admissions Office

We will advise on your estimated Cost of Attendance (COA). Please note that COA calculations will only be provided for those in receipt of a conditional offer for undergraduate or postgraduate study at Aberystwyth University.  You can borrow up to the value of your COA with a combination of Direct Loan, (Grad or Parent) PLUS loan and/or private loan.

Students on distance-learning courses, which are sometimes referred to as on-line programs, are not eligible for Federal Aid. They must opt for private loans.

Students receiving U.S. Federal Aid through a Foreign School must not study in the U.S. (i.e. part-time PhD students cannot receive aid if they are studying in the US and Masters students cannot return to the US over the summer months to complete their dissertation). The extension of U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program allows students to study outside of the U.S.  The calculation of the actual amount of Federal Aid  is based on the student pursuing their entire course at the specified Foreign School.

The actual Federal regulation states: "The Institution is authorized to participate in the U.S. Federal Student Aid Programs in order to provide U.S. students with access to financial assistance to receive postsecondary education outside of the United States. The Institution may not make available William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program funds to U.S. students who receive any portion of an educational program inside the United States. The Institution may not certify or disburse Direct Loan program funds under a "study abroad" or "student exchange" agreement for U.S. students to attend educational Institutions located in the United States.  However, as of July 1, 2011, independent research done by an individual student in the United States for not more than one academic year is permitted, if it is conducted during the dissertation phase of a doctoral program under the guidance of faculty, and the research can only be performed in a facility in the United States."

If this regulation is not adhered to then the whole program of study becomes invalid. Any Federal Aid received for the program would have to be returned. Please be aware that the University may take steps to recover any debts or losses from students as a result of them not adhering to this strict regulation. 

If you are a registered full-time student at Aberystwyth University, with previous US Federal loans outstanding, you can ask for re-payments to be deferred. You will be need to complete the relevant sections of an In-School Deferment From which will also be reviewed and, if approved, signed by the relevant member of staff within the Academic Registry Admissions Team.