Bank Account

When opening a student bank account in the UK, you may be asked to provide proof that you are a student at Aberystwyth University.  This will be in the form of an Introduction to UK Banking Facilities Letter. Included in this letter will be your home and term time address taken from your Student Record. You will need to make sure that the University has your correct address details.  Information on how to request a Letter of Introduction to UK Banking Facilities is available from the Academic Registry website.

If your loan disbursement amount is greater than the amount that must be paid to the university for tuition, and accommodation fees (if applicable),  the remaining monies will be paid directly to you.  Disbursements to you will be paid directly into your UK bank account and you will need to provide the Fees Office with your bank details (sort code and account number).  We aim to make any payments into your UK account within 10 working days of the disbursement dates noted above. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds (e.g. cash, credit card) to cover your living costs for both your journey to Aberystwyth and a further 4 weeks after your arrival.

N.B. Different disbursement dates will apply to PhD and MPhil students who start at other times of the year. The loans are for study outside of the US. Study in the US is not permitted and would invalidate their programme, requiring their the entire loan be repaid.   

N.B. Masters students who return home to the US for dissertation element of their programme (June to September) will not receive further disbursements of their loans. Doing this would invalidate the programme, meaning that their entire loan would have to be repaid. 

N.B. Students must be in Aberystwyth to receive such loans as this is dependent upon satisfactory attendance (min. 50%) and satisfactory academic progress. 

Please note that these disbursement dates are the dates that the US Government will send funds to the University. These funds can take up to 3 working days to clear. 

The University's Fees Office, which is located in the Student Welcome Centre, deal with your actual loan disbursements. A proportion of each disbursement will be taken to pay for tuition fees (and if applicable University accommodation fees) and the remainder will be disbursed to you, the student. This is convenient for you, and also conforms to Federal audit regulations. Please note that the Fees Office only deals with the disbursement of funds not the origination of loans. You can only receive disbursements after you have registered as a student at Aberystwyth University.