Early Withdrawal

Tuition Fees

Once a student has officially withdrawn from a programme of study, they may be eligible for a reduction in Tuition Fees for that particular academic year. The reduction is calculated based on the official date of withdrawal applied to the student record. Please refer to the chart below for 2021/22:

Withdrawal Date

% of Annual Fee Due

Term 1 - to 9th October 2021  0%
Term 1 - to 18th December 2021  25%
 Term 2 - to 2nd April 2022  50%
Term 3 - to 28th May 2022  100%

If a student withdraws from University and has applied for a Tuition Fee Grant/Loan, then Student Finance will cover the Fee liability in this instance. However, if a student withdraws from University and is paying privately, either an invoice or refund will be sent to the home address depending on what has been paid up until the point of withdrawal. This applies to most categories of full-time and part-time students, however please contact fees@aber.ac.uk should you require further clarification.

Accommodation Fees

Once the offer of a place in University residence is accepted, students become liable to pay the fees due for the whole of the licence period.  Approval for release from the contract can only be given by the Accommodation Office on approved medical, welfare or academic grounds. Nevertheless such students are still liable to pay the fee due for the period they have been in residence or were otherwise responsible for the accommodation, this fee being calculated on a proportionate daily rate.

Students who have overpaid upon withdrawal will be refunded along with their deposit. However, if a student has underpaid upon withdrawal, their deposit will be offset against the outstanding amount and they will be invoiced for any remaining balance.

For more information relating to Withdrawals, please visit the Withdrawal FAQs section created by Student Support & Careers Services.