Dr Anwen Jones PhD, MPhil, BA, TAR, FHEA

Dr Anwen Jones

Head of Department (Theatre, Film & Television Studies)

Reader in Theatre

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Having graduated from Bristol University with a BA Honours Degree in French and English Comparative Literature and completing a PGCE course, Anwen went on to complete an MPhil at Aberystwyth; a study of the twentieth century French dramatist, Paul Claudel and his important play, L'Annonce Faite ? Marie. Her first teaching post was a lecturing post at Trinity College, Carmarthen. She has now worked as a lecturer in the field of Drama and Theatre Studies at Aberystwyth University for the past thirteen years. She has published on Paul Claudel and held a study day on the dramatist at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2003. She has also published in both English and Welsh on Welsh national theatre, French drama and theatre and contemporary theatre. Her two most recent substantial publications include volumes on National Theatre in Wales within a comparative European context and on the output of the Welsh dramatist and theatre practitioner, W. S. Jones; National Theatre in Context, France, Germany, England and Wales & Wil Sam: Dyn y Theatr.


Module Coordinator

Dr Jones teaches on the Research Methodologies module of the new Welsh medium MA: Cyfryngau Creadigol.

Dr Jones is currently supervising four PhD projects in the following fields:

  • The archive as site for heuristic study: Cliff McLucas, National Library of Wales and hybrid identities
  • Answering technological challenges in youth theatre: a collaboration with Arad Goch theatre company
  • Technology in performance: a collaboration with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru
  • New writing: What is it? And how do we write it?


National theatre in Wales in the European context, French drama with a particular focus on Paul Claudel, drama and theatre in Wales and in Welsh.



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