Access Scheme

The TFTS Access Scheme has been established to support the ongoing career aspirations and portfolio development of our alumni, and to ensure that all our recent graduates are able to sustain the momentum and creative activity needed in pursuit of their ambitions.

Upon leaving university, our graduates sometimes find that being unable to access equipment, facilities and a collaborative environment can be an obstacle to their professional progress. With the introduction of the Access Scheme, our graduates can continue to benefit from many TFTS facilities and resources even after graduation.

Our key support areas…

The Access scheme is committed to supporting our alumni in two key ways:

Residency - allows you to access the facilities and resources of the TFTS Research Lab as part of a short-term residency. Residencies could be anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, and are suitable for individuals or small groups who need a creative workspace to develop ideas and produce work. The residency could support the production of a short film, a show reel, the development and rehearsal of a show, or any other activity that would boost your creative portfolio and enhance your employability.

Professional Practice – provides you with the opportunity to loan equipment from the TFTS Research Lab for short periods of time (normally, up to one week) in order to work on independent projects on or off site. You may already be producing work and need an extra microphone, a different lens option, an audio mixer or a projector. You may need a tripod or access to specialist software. We are keen to support proactive and ambitious producers and artists taking the next steps on their career paths. 

Equipment and Facilities*

The TFTS Research Lab is home to a wide range of high-quality production and multimedia equipment, including:

  • Various cameras, from HD to 5K
  • Lenses and grip equipment, including tripods and gimbals
  • Sound recorders and microphones
  • High-spec edit stations with 4K monitors
  • Laptops, tablets and iPods
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid, Da Vinci Resolve, Isadora, QLab and Logic Pro
  • Projectors and screens
  • Meeting and Project space
  • Screening/viewing facilities
  • Celluloid filmmaking equipment, including 16mm cameras, telecine and optical printer.

Access to workshop and rehearsal space, as well as stage properties and costumes, is also available.

If you have graduated from TFTS within the last two years and are interested in becoming involved in the scheme, please contact Greg Bevan ( to discuss your project idea and objectives.

* We cannot guarantee that we will be able to facilitate all proposals and projects – selections will be based on the availability of resources, the viability of the project under the scheme and its genuine potential to increase your career prospects and creative portfolio.