Supporting Your Visit

Applicant Visiting Day Support

To make things a little easier, we will contribute towards your Applicant Visiting Day expenses when you visit.

Each Applicant:

  • will be provided with a free lunch during the Visiting Day;
  • can claim a discount of 50% off at the Aberystwyth Art Centre Box Office;
  • can claim a contribution towards visiting expenses, up to a maximum of £75.00 (based on the distance of a one way journey between your home postcode and a specified university postcode).


Less than 75 miles £15.00
75–174 miles £40.00
More than 175 miles £75.00


Additional Support:

Please note that for careleavers, looked after children, young carers, those with no family support and other widening access groups, there might be additional support available for Applicant Visiting Days. If the expenses maximum would stop you visiting, please contact the Widening Participation team on for more information.


Applicant Visiting Day - Expenses

To receive a contribution towards visiting expenses you’ll need to:

  • be an applicant in receipt of an offer for 2020 entry;
  • be invited to and attend an Aberystwyth University Applicant Visiting Day;

Please note, if you are a Joint Honours Applicant you are more than welcome to make an official visit to both departments on different Applicant Visiting Days. You will be allowed to claim a contribution towards expenses for both visits, however, please be aware that you may find that some aspects of the visiting day programme may be duplicated.

Further details below.


How to Claim

  • On the day of your visit you will need to complete and return an Applicant Visiting Day Travel Expense Claim Form.
  • A copy of the Expenses Claim Form will be included in the Applicant Visiting Day pack you will receive in advance. This will provide guidance as to where to return this form on the day of your visit.
  • The distance is calculated in miles from the home postcode of the applicant (as stated on their UCAS application form) to Aberystwyth University’s Penglais Campus (SY23 3BY) using the shortest route possible on Google Maps.
  • No receipts, or proof of mode of transport will be required, however, you will need to provide the following information on the form:
      • your UCAS Personal ID (PID)
      • your home postcode as detailed on your UCAS application form
      • bank account information

How to Claim (Cancelled Events – 21st and 28th March 2020)

Will the University still contribute towards pre-booked, non refundable travel costs for applicants, who had registered to attend the Visiting Day on 21st or 28th March?

When inviting applicants to attend one of our Visiting Days, we offered a contribution towards applicant visiting expenses, on a capped tiered basis (noted above), based on the distance of a one way journey between your home postcode and a specified university postcode.

We appreciate that some of our applicants will have made travel and accommodation plans significantly in advance of their visit to Aberystwyth for the Applicant Visiting Day on either the 21st or 28th March, and as such may have pre-booked, non refundable travel or accommodation arrangements in place.

To be eligible to request a contribution towards pre-booked, non refundable travel costs applicants will need to:

  • have pre-registered for the event on either the 21st or 28th March (prior to the event being cancelled);
  • complete the cancellation claim form and provide copies of relevant receipts evidencing non refundable, pre-booked travel or accommodation bookings (claim form);
  • return the documentation to Aberystwyth University within 4 weeks of your cancelled visit on 21st or 28th March (details provided on claim form).

Contributions will be capped at the applicable banded rate based on travel distance (noted above), or paid at the receipted costs of pre-booked, non refundable travel or accommodation bookings, whichever is less.

Please note that this goodwill gesture relates specifically to these two named events (21st and 28th March Visiting Days) and does not apply more widely to events organised by Aberystwyth University.


  • Payment will normally be made within 6 weeks of your claim being submitted.
  • Payments will be made in Pounds Sterling (£).

Aberystwyth Arts Centre Box Office Discount

  • Applicants will receive a discount voucher as part of the information pack sent in advance of your visit. Details of the programme of events and performances in Aberystwyth Arts Centre, can be found online.