Both the Latin American Literary Studies Association and the Centre for Movement of People would like to invite you to the 2021 LALSA Conference. This year, in light of the current global condition, the theme of the conference is ‘Reconfiguring Space(s)’.

The global pandemic has caused a perspectival shift in the way people react to and interact with space, physically, emotionally and conceptually. As physical space has become constrained, the digital/virtual sphere has opened up new spatialities and new ways of interacting with the world. At the same time, fear of the stranger and the other has become normalised, (re)erecting barriers and causing perspectival rifts to (re)emerge. The conference seeks to explore these (re)configurations and (im)mobilities, looking to movement in and through space; points of mobility/immobility; points where spatialities rub up against each other, causing friction and/or new understandings to (re)emerge.

The keynote will be delivered by Prof Ignacio Sánchez Prado, Washington University in Saint Louis, USA on the topic of “Whose World Culture? Mexican Reflections from Utopia to Planerarity”, which will explore the idea of world literature and world culture as a localized concept.

Conference Programme

Conference Poster (PDF)


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