Fee and Access Plan 2019/20

Our fee plan invests in activity to expand access to higher education, enhance the excellence of the student experience at Aberystwyth and support students to succeed.

Aberystwyth University is proud of the innovative and creative ways in which it is addressing issues of social justice and widening access, and our commitments in the fee plan reflect this. We will continue, through our fee plans, to provide support for a range of initiatives aimed at removing barriers to higher education, welcoming students from all backgrounds and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Our fee plan investments recognise the importance for students of employability-related skills. The best University education equips students for lives of ongoing enquiry which challenges, develops and enables them to recognise the value of the skills they possess. Through the plan, we are investing renewed resources in initiatives to prepare our students for the future, ensuring that every Aberystwyth graduate has the best possible chance of succeeding in whatever career they choose.

Overall, we are confident that the balance of work in our fee plans represents a sound investment in the development and support of our students and reflects our commitment to giving each Aberystwyth entrant the best possible experience and the best possible future thereafter.

Measures proposed in the Aberystwyth University Fee Plans include:

  • Investing in a range of bursaries, scholarships and awards, including a means tested bursary scheme focused on the provision of financial assistance to students from low-income background, bursaries for students from a care background, and scholarships to reward and encourage academic excellence.
  • Providing the Aberystwyth Summer University, a scheme which offers a six-week University experience to around 80 young people from areas where, traditionally, the number entering Higher Education is low.
  • Enhancing the support provided to students with disabilities.
  • Enhancing the provision of online learning, including lecture capture, to enable more flexible learning.
  • Investment in an extensive programme of capital infrastructure enhancement to ensure that students benefit from an excellent learning environment and up-to-date IT resources.
  • Investing in schemes to enhance graduate employability, including enterprise and entrepreneurship activities, alumni mentoring and work experience schemes.

Student Fee Plan 2017-18

Student Fee Plan 2018-19

Student Fee Plan 2019-20

Based on the latest information available to us, for new Home/EU students enrolled on full-time undergraduate and PGCE courses starting in 2018, Aberystwyth University currently intends to charge a tuition fee of £9,000 for the academic year 2018/19.

Welsh government  is still to confirm arrangements for 2019/20 onwards, which means that for students starting in 2018/19 or after, tuition fees may rise  for any successive years of study, mapped according to any inflation-linked maximum tuition fee permitted by the Welsh Government. These increases would also apply for the proportional fees charged for Year Abroad and Year in Industry.

We will inform all applicants and students of the fee levels for 2019/20 and any inflation-linked increases for successive years of study as soon as confirmation is received from Welsh Government, and will publish updates [on this page]. You should check the updated fee information on this page before applying. Up to date details of the relevant fees will be set out in our offer documentation, and your terms and conditions with us will describe how we may be entitled to increase or otherwise change fees during the period of your study with us.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Aberystwyth offers a comprehensive range of bursaries and scholarships. These could significantly reduce the financial pressure on you obtaining a first class education at Aberystwyth.

Information on bursaries offered by Aberystwyth