Olga García Hernández


MPhil: Economic impacts of sustainable marine tourism in the local economy. Case study: Dolphin Watching Activity, New Quay, Wales. School of Management and Business, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, Wales.

MSc Master degree in Environmental Management and Ecotourism with emphasis on the environmental and social impacts of tourism. University of Costa Rica (U.C.R), San José, Costa Rica (high distinction)

Bachelor´s Degree in Biology with additional 2 years specialization in Ecology. University of the Basque Country (U.P.V), Leioa, Spain.

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Cater, Carl


Ocean literacy through marine underwater ecotourism. Case study: Diving in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

General Research Interests

An ecologist specialized in ecotourism, particularly marine wildlife tourism. A career is based on international experience in Latin America and Europe; with a diversity of projects relating to local communities and a wide variety of natural heritage. The research centres on the exploration of the quadruple bottom line of the ecotourism: economy, society, environment and climate change. And the main approach is focused on interpretation and the environmental message communication in tourism activity.