Samsudin Arifin Dabamona


Master of Tourism Studies (educational tourism for student in Museum), University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, 2010

Bachelor of Education (English Teaching), University of Cenderawasih, Indonesia, 2005




Cater, Carl

Professor Michael Christie


Special Interest Tourism: A Strategy to Adapt Tourism into Education Environments in Indonesia

General research Interests

Educational tourism

Tourism development in rural areas

Tourism for vocational school


I have been working as an Indonesia public servant (teacher) in two different vocational school for about ten years. I joined the first school in 2006 which is located in district Aru island, Moluccas Province and at the same time I joined a local community as a volunteer to improve children education in coastal area.

In 2008, I decided to chase my master in Gadjah Mada University taking tourism studies by specialising my topic in educational tourism in national museum of Papua province. After finishing my Master in tourism, in 2012 I moved to Jayapura, Papua Province and taught in a vocational school (SMKN 1 Jayapura). I also appointed as a part-time lecture in a private university (University of Yapis Papua) for the last 3 years and had responsibility as a head of English laboratory. Some of my writings were about tourism development in Papua province published by local magazine and newspaper.