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Nerys is the programme director for the Masters in Management programmes in the School of Management and Business at Aberystwyth University. These programmes include the Masters in International Management, Management and Finance, Management and Marketing and Management and Entrepreneurship. Previously she was the Director of the MBA programme and the MSc Entrepreneurship.

Nerys's main research interests are in the area of management and entrepreneurship. She has written articles on a wide variety of management issues such as small businesses in the media, female entrepreneurship, networks, strategy and IT. Nerys is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship and she has also edited a special issue of the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal on female and minority entrepreneurship and a special issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on entrepreneurial networks.

Over the past five years Nerys has raised funding or been involved in funded research projects with a value of approximately €4.5 million including €1.7 million for self-sustaining learning networks and €1.2 million for the female entrepreneurship project in Ireland and Wales (FEIW). These projects are joint ventures with the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. The female entrepreneurship project supported local businesswomen in developing and growing their businesses.



Recent Research Grants

  • Self-Sustaining Learning Networks Ireland/Wales, 2008-2012, European Regional Development Fund INTERREG 4A: value of grant: €1,739,875
  • Female Entrepreneurship Ireland/Wales, 2005-2008, European Regional Development Fund, INTERREG IIIA Programme: value of grant: €1.2 million



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