Permanent Withdrawal

If you have decided not to continue your degree at Aberystwyth University, you must complete an online ‘Notification of Withdrawal’ form. This can be found on your Student Record under the title ‘Academic Record’.

Please ensure that before making the final decision about discontinuing your studies and before completing the online Notification of Withdrawal form you have contacted your academic department and the International Student Advisor ( the implications on your visa of a possible withdrawal.

Please note that once you have submitted the online ‘Notification of Withdrawal’ form you have 3 days to cancel your withdrawal request.

When your withdrawal is confirmed we will withdraw sponsorship of your visa and notify the Home Office. This means that your visa will be curtailed and you must leave the UK as soon as possible. If you fail to do so, you could be risking becoming an overstayer. Overstaying is a criminal offence and can have serious implications for any future immigration applications you make in the UK and in other countries.

If you have decided to study (transfer) or work elsewhere in the UK, you will need to provide us with details of your new university or employer.