Can I return Home to write up my dissertation (Postgraduate Taught)

If you would like to write up your Master’s dissertation from your home country you will need to request approval from your department. Your department will only approve the request if you have attended all required teaching sessions, have completed all required laboratory work and have discussed with your supervisor how supervision can be delivered remotely.

If approval is given, you will need to inform the Compliance Office and provide a copy of your flight departure confirmation in advance of leaving the University. The University will withdraw sponsorship and your visa will be curtailed. Although your visa will be curtailed, you will remain a student until the end of your registration.

**You will not be able to return to the UK on your Student visa once sponsorship has been withdrawn.  This also means that you will not be eligible to apply for a Graduate Route Visa.

**You should check the terms of any loan/scholarship you may be in receipt of to ensure you comply with those conditions.