Distance Learning Records


At the beginning of each academic session you will be asked to log on to your student record to take part in Online Registration. Further details will be communicated by email to your AU email account during July. Annual registration is a requirement in order to continue as a student of the University, and no credits can be completed without being a registered student.  Further guidance on registration.

Changing Study Scheme

You must complete a Change of Registration Form, available to download and print from your student record on the web. Alternatively these forms are also available from your department or the Academic Registry. The completed form must be signed by you and your department then returned to the Academic Registry (address below) for processing. For any enquiries regarding modules, please contact your Academic Department.

Changing an Address or Name or other Personal Details

You can make changes to your address and personal details on-line at student record using the 'Personal' link at the top of your 'Home' page. Most changes can be made freely and will take place immediately however a change of name may require you to provide the Academic Registry (DL Student Records) with official documentation to prove your new name. If this is required you will be asked by email to provide it.

Permanent or Temporary Withdrawal

If you are considering taking permanent or temporary withdrawal from the University, you will need to go to your student record to request a meeting with your academic department. For Distance Learners, this meeting will normally be by phone. The meeting will be an opportunity for you to discuss the situation with a member of staff, and to receive advice on possible options. If you wish to continue with the withdrawal process following the meeting, the department will enable you to access the online withdrawal form on your student record, which will enable you to complete the application. You will also receive confirmation of withdrawal following a final decision by your Department/Faculty.

Reporting an Error on your 'Student Record'

If you notice an error on student record and you are unable to change it yourself you can contact the Academic Registry by either clicking on the 'report a problem' link at the bottom of the page or alternatively email us on dlrstaff@aber.ac.uk

If you need any advice about your student record you can contact us by email to dlrstaff@aber.ac.uk or phone 01970 622057.