Withdrawal from University

Initial discussion with your Department

If you are considering withdrawing from University please read these notes carefully. Before you make a final decision you will need to attend a meeting with your Department / Faculty to discuss your academic options. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the implications of withdrawal, and to make an informed decision based on the advice of your Department. To request a meeting, you will need to log on to your Student Record on the Web, from where you should click on the 'Making Changes to My Course' card on the home page of the new student record or click the drop down menu at the top entitled Academic Record of the old student record, where you will find the ‘Withdrawal’ link. Once you have completed the initial step of requesting a meeting, you will receive an automated response to acknowledge your request, followed by a personal invitation to attend a meeting with a member of staff from your Department.  Joint honours students can meet with either department.  You should receive this invitation within three working days of submitting your request. Please note that you cannot gain access to the online withdrawal form to complete your application until you have attended this meeting.

How to complete the Withdrawal Process

If you have attended a meeting with your Department or Faculty, and wish to consider your options for withdrawal further, you will be granted access to the online withdrawal form, which will again be through your Student Record on the Web. From there you should click on the 'Making Changes to My Course' card on the home page of the new student record on or click on the drop down menu at the top entitled Academic Record in the old student record, in that menu you will find the ‘Withdrawal’ link. Follow the instructions and complete the necessary fields.  The withdrawal process is a two step process and you must ensure that you revisit your withdrawal request after having had your meeting with the department to complete the process.  Your request will then need to be approved by the University Authorities and once approval has been given you will receive an email to notify you that your request has been processed.

Please read these notes carefully before completing the application for temporary or permanent withdrawal. Following your initial discussion with your Department or Institute, you are also advised to seek advice from Student Support Services, the Accommodation Office (if you live in University Accommodation) and the International Student Advisor in the International Office (if you studying on a Student Visa). Any temporary withdrawals will need to be approved by your Faculty.

Student Support Services and Fees

All students withdrawing from University are recommended to see a Student Adviser from Student Support Services to talk through the potential wider implications of their withdrawal (e.g. impact on student finance/tenancy etc) or for support through the process. If you are considering a withdrawal from University for financial reasons please be aware that the University may be able to offer you financial support. Please either email student-adviser@aber.ac.uk or telephone 01970 621761/622087 to make an appointment. Distance Learning students will be offered the opportunity to discuss their situation by phone.

Please take into consideration the amount of tuition fees you will be liable for depending on your withdrawal date. Please click here further specific information.

If you are considering withdrawal from University because of accessibility issues or issues related to a specific learning difference/chronic health issue you may wish to seek advice from one of our Accessibility Advisers also based in the Student Welcome Centre. To make an appointment please email disability@aber.ac.uk or telephone 01970 621761/622087.

Students should note that requests to withdraw must be completed within 10 working days of the meeting with the Department OR by the last day of teaching for the current semester. The withdrawal date can be entered by up to 10 working days in the future or back dated by a maximum of 10 working days in the past.  Withdrawal dates going back more than 10 working days may be changed by the University authorities. Students are not normally permitted to withdraw outside of the teaching period. All withdrawal requests made outside the teaching period will be considered and the date used as the withdrawal date may vary to that entered by the student. 


If you are living in University accommodation, are a registered student of the University and you decide to either temporarily or permanently withdraw from the University then you must vacate your University accommodation from the date of your withdrawal.

As detailed in your Accommodation Licence Agreement as soon as you become an unregistered student of the University you are ineligible to live in University accommodation.

You will be responsible for the payment of your Accommodation Fees up to and including the date that you vacate your accommodation and return your room key to the Accommodation Office.

If you are living in private sector accommodation then you should discuss your options with the landlord/agency, as you may still be liable for your accommodation fees regardless if you withdraw from the University.  The Student Advisers in Student Support Services may also be able to advise you about this. Please either email student-adviser@aber.ac.uk or telephone 01970 621761/622087 to make an appointment

The Accommodation Office team are also available to assist you and discuss what options are available to you, for further information please click here.  Please either email accommodation@aber.ac.uk or telephone 01970 622984.

Academic Advice

Withdrawing from University, permanently or temporarily means that you will no longer have student status and you will not have access to University services including Email, Computing and Library facilities.  It also means that you should cease your studies/writing.

Permanent Withdrawal

Permanent Withdrawals requests are permitted at any time during the year. However, the University authorities may need to use a different date to that you specify through the online withdrawal process.  Please note Postgraduate students are not normally permitted to withdraw after completing the taught element of the course.

Temporary Withdrawal

Because the timing of your temporary withdrawal may affect your assessments, when you can return and how many credits you can complete on your return to University.

  • Students taking a Temporary Withdrawal are not permitted to withdraw after the last day of teaching in each semester.  Therefore you cannot withdraw during the Christmas Vacation or the Semester One or Semester Two examination and assessment period. If you have not withdrawn by the last day of teaching you will be entered as a candidate for the semester examinations and the normal rules governing progress will apply.

    Students with Special Circumstances who fail to complete the Withdrawal request before the last day of teaching should complete a Special Circumstances Form.
  • If you are not able to take part in your assessment or examinations, you MUST complete a Special Circumstances Form and forward it to the relevant members of staff in ALL your departments together with the relevant supporting evidence.

If you intend to take your assessments and then withdraw immediately after completing the assessment/examination period you should give your withdrawal date as the last day of the examinations. 

  • Your registration in the University will be suspended until your return and you will not be entitled to use University facilities, attend classes or reside in Halls of Residence during this period.
  • You will normally be allowed to take a Temporary Withdrawal for up to a maximum of two years with your department(s) approval.  If you take more than two years away from your studies it is likely that you will need to reapply through the Admissions process.
  • You should note that there is a time limit for the completion of all degrees (Undergraduate honours degree have a time limit of normally five years from initial registration, for three year degree schemes, six years for four year schemes).
  • Students are advised to engage with the Wellbeing Service when returning after temporary withdrawal.


Temporary Withdrawal: Distance Learning Students

Once a distance learning student has commenced the dissertation element of a Master’s programme, disruption to their studies would normally be dealt with by examination boards through the award of resits with appropriate resit indicators. It is expected that distance learners, who are in employment and have other demands on their time, will have periods when they are not actively studying, and they have longer time frames than full-time and part-time students in recognition of this. Students will not normally be permitted to take temporary withdrawal during this phase. However, where a student’s circumstances require a complete break from study for a period of four months or more, and where they still have at least 4 months left before their deadline, they may request a period of temporary withdrawal, to avoid having long periods where a student is registered but not active and to recognise that exceptional circumstances will occur for some students. Students must make their request as soon as possible and cannot apply retrospectively. 

Students should note that any unconfirmed module marks will not be considered by Examination Boards during a period of Temporary Withdrawal. 


Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate Research students (MPhil, PhD, PhDFA, DAg or LLM (RES) may not withdraw from their studies after their registration period has ended and they have entered their writing up period. If you require additional time to complete your thesis you must request a formal extension to your time limit, but please note that extensions are only granted in exceptional circumstances.


All withdrawal requests (dates and times) are subject to the approval of the University.