Pre Registration

Welcome to Aberystwyth University Pre-Registration for 2020/2021

1.    All students who are starting a new course at Aberystwyth University can take part in the Pre-registration process in order to register their module choices for the forthcoming academic year (2020/2021).

NB. Students who have core modules totalling 120 credits will not be required to make module choices as their modules will have been automatically populated.

2.    You can access details of your study scheme and core modules for 2020/2021 from your Student Record on the web. It is essential that you follow the instructions for your department(s) as individual departmental requirements vary.

3.    Following advising from your department(s) th Pre Registration period will run from Monday 14 September to Monday 21 September to allow you to enter your module choices.

4.    You can view the Study Schemes and Modules information on the web in order to ensure you meet departmental requirements and register for the relevant modules.

5.    You should check the departmental requirements for Pre Registration, ensuring you have taken part in any advising sessions your department have made available before entering your module choices on your Student Record.

6.    You are required to ensure the total number of credits entered on your record does not exceed the number you are required to study. The following checks are in place:
•     You will not be able to remove any core modules from your record.  If there are special circumstances which mean you will not be pursuing a core module next session you should consult your department.
•     You should not have more than a 70:50/50:70 credit split between semesters.
•     If you enter a module in the wrong semester it will automatically be moved to the correct one.
•     The system will only allow you to enter the number of credits you are required to pursue next session.

7.    The pre-registration task will close at 5pm Monday 21 September.  

Students who wish to Change Study Scheme.

8.    If you wish to change your study scheme next session you should complete the Online Change of Registration process from your Student Record on the web as soon as possible and before you enter your module choices for next session. Your Online Change of Registration MUST be approved and processed before you can continue with Pre Registration.  To request a Change of Registration you need to log on to your Student Record on the web, then click on the Academic Record link at the top of your home page, and from the list of links in the drop down menu click on 'Change Registration'.

9.    It is important that you inform your Student Loan Company and Local Authority as soon as the change has been approved to ensure the smooth transfer of your loan and award (if you receive any).