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I wish to apply to resit my examinations in the venue specified above. I understand that if the above venue cannot accommodate my request, I will need to either provide details of an alternative, suitable educational venue for consideration or make arrangements to return to Aberystwyth. The Academic Registry will advise me of whether arrangements can be made and what the arrangements are. I understand that if the Academic Registry is unable to make satisfactory arrangements then I will be required to return to Aberystwyth to resit my examinations.

I agree to pay the University administrative fee of £120 and, if necessary, the cancellation fee, as well as any other fees levied.

I understand that the information I have provided will be circulated to relevant members of staff for the purpose of applying to sit an examination overseas, and with the third party I have nominated above (note: this may be outside of the EU) so that they can contact me to discuss my examination arrangements. I understand this information will be processed and retained as is deemed necessary for the University’s performance of tasks carried out in the public interest (General Data Protection Regulation Article 6(1)(e)) and under its contractual obligations (General Data Protection Regulation Article 6(1)(b)). It will be retained by the University for one year after the examination has been taken. If sensitive information is included in, or with, the form as completed above, I give my consent for this to be used for the purposes of the University’s Overseas Examination Procedure. This will not be shared with the third party nominated above.