Learning Policy of the School of Art Gallery and Museum

June 2006

Learning Policy Mission Statement

The School of Art Gallery and Museum has a long and distinguished history of utilising the University Collection as a resource for learning. We continue to build on this tradition by collecting, documenting and preserving artefacts of educational and cultural value that are useful in teaching and research and by promoting the Gallery and Museum as an educational resource available to the wider public.

We are guided by the principle that anyone can enjoy, understand, be inspired by, and develop new skills and awareness, when engaging with our artefacts and exhibitions - wherever possible involving first-hand experience. We collect, preserve, interpret and facilitate to this end.

Policy Aims

The School of Art Gallery and Museum aims to support learning in the following ways:

By providing, wherever possible, opportunities for anyone, or any group of people, to enjoy, and learn from, first-hand experience of artefacts

By actively promoting and marketing the Gallery and Museum as a public resource, positively encouraging new and diverse users

By continuing to support the development of scholarly knowledge and experience within the Museum, ensuring that such knowledge and experience is effectively communicated to existing and new audiences

Provide a pleasant, personal welcome to all visitors

Offer a varied, interesting and attractive Exhibitions Programme including regular shows from the Collection, talks, events and workshops

Ensure material centred on our learning activities and exhibitions take into account various learning styles and various types of learners both within the University and in the wider community

Where appropriate, to involve our Museum and Gallery Studies students in our various learning activities providing valuable experience and skills for them to draw upon in their future careers

Explore the potential of utilising volunteers to assist in various aspects of running the Gallery and Museum

Provide environments conducive to learning for both groups and individuals

Make access for visitors simple and convenient addressing any physical, cultural, intellectual and attitudinal barriers

Extend facilities available to University students to other users in the wider community

Continue to develop online resources, including a database of the collections, to assist electronic and long distance learning

Engage with schools to deliver learning opportunities responsive to education agendas such as the National Curriculum, Cwricwlwm Cymreig and the Foundation Phase in Wales

Engage with colleges of further and higher education, community groups and societies to provide specific learning opportunities responsive to their needs

Ensure relevant museum staff continue to be informed, and involved with, debates on learning by participation in the events of various organisations promoting learning in galleries and museums

Involve the Gallery and Museum in collaborative projects with other University departments (particularly the Department of Education and Life Long Learning), museums, galleries, arts centres, community centres and libraries in order to widen our delivery of learning by reaching new audiences

Actively pursue new funding sources and new resources in order to support delivery of a wider learning programme

Develop our learning activities by a continuous programme of appraisal and evaluation and by inviting external professional opinion

Implement learning at the heart of our activities ensuring that all staff continue to understand the importance of delivering effective learning

Action Plan

An Action Plan to deliver these policy aims over the period 2006-2008, is now being developed by the Learning Team.