Beyond the Moon

Mask Knot, screenprint by Wuon-Gean Ho, 2009Prints and Animations by Wuon-Gean Ho

26 November 2012 – 8 February 2013
(Closed: 24 December – 4 January)


Sound Installation

Andrew McPherson Magnetic Resonator Piano
23–28 November 2012 and 28 January – 8 February 2013

The School of Art Gallery is pleased to present Beyond the Moon a solo exhibition of prints and animations by Wuon-Gean Ho. Wuon-Gean is an internationally renowned printmaker who originally trained in Japanese woodblock printmaking. The works in the exhibition tell of visions and different worlds, each one becoming a place of narration. This is a huge project, meticulously planned by the artist, comprising work made over the past 5 years.

A disjuncture is signified by entering the gallery space by a walk through a forest of endlessly repeating trees. The prints inside are teem with ghostly presences, dream-like narratives, shadowy figures and unclassifiable emotions. Three animations play: Lucid MaskShift and Costanza; the walls are lined with images of masked faces and empty dresses that appear to dance.

Catalogue of the exhibition by Wuon-Gean Ho


For two periods during the exhibition a sound installation by Andrew McPherson is intended to heighten the atmosphere. His proposed Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP) involves the action of electromagnets on the strings of the grand piano in the centre of the gallery. The MRP plays continuously without a pianist creating notes that evolve continuously in time, tones with indefinite sustain, crescendos from silence, pitch bends, harmonics and new timbres.