ART News

30 April 2009

The ART corpus has gone live! For details or to download it click here.

20 April 2009

SAPIENT has been accepted for presentation at BioNLP 2009. For details click here.

31 March 2009

The ART project has ended. The latest version of SAPIENT can be downloaded from here.
The final report is available for download here.

October 13th 2008

The first release of SAPIENT, the ART Tool for the annotation of general scientific papers has been circulated to annotators.
SAPIENT stands for Semantic Annotation of Papers: Interface & ENrichment Tool.
To try it, you can download it from here

December 22th 2007

We have submitted an intermediate project report titled: An ontology methodology and CISP.
This report contains details about CISP, the results from the online survey as well as the benefits of assuming an ontology methodology when producing meta-data.
For more information please click here.

October 8th 2007

We conducted a survey to help us with the definition of Core Information about Scientific Papers (CISP).