5. How do I upload a paper?

Currently SAPIENT supports SciXML, an XML schema particularly suited to reflect the structure of scientific papers. SAPIENT needs <TITLE>,<ABSTRACT>,<BODY> and <P> elements to operate on, so it should be compatible with other XML schemas as long as they contain these elements.

On the SAPIENT Index page click on "Browse" to locate the folder containing the paper(s) you want to upload (we re-commend that you store papers in the "corpora" directory). Select a paper and click "Open". You then need to give a name, preferably the name of the paper without the suffix. Click on "Upload". You should see a link to the paper appearing on the page. A folder with the same name as the paper you have just uploaded will appear in the "scrapbook" folder. From now onwards, all previously uploaded papers should appear as links when you go to SAPIENT Index.