Research Degrees

Available PhD Research Projects.

The projects listed below are examples of possible research topics or areas, reflecting our expertise and research interests.

We welcome applications from prospective students who have similar interests. You may adjust the proposals to incorporate your own interests, experiences and ideas, and are encouraged to contact the supervising member of staff to discuss the topic.

Advanced Reasoning

  • Dynamic Feature Selection with Fuzzy-Rough Sets
  • Adaptive Feature Selection Ensembles for Weather Forecasting
  • Potential Topics for PhD Theses in the Area of Theory Randomised Search Heuristics
  • Potential Topic for a PhD Thesis in the Area of Randomised Search Heuristics

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  • PhD Opportunities In Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (various projects available in the areas of Biomedical Ontologies, Comparative Phenomics, Systematic genome-wide phenotyping, Translational Research, Pharmacogenomics, Systems Biology and Cancer, Plant Phenomics)
  • Integrative Modelling for Genomics-based Cancer Classification

Intelligent Robotics

  • Adaptive Sensor Networks using Bio-inspired Power and Data Management
  • Automatic driving on ill-defined roads
  • Dynamic Task-Allocation in Swarm of Robots

Vision, Graphics and Visualisation

  • The Role of Spatial Relationships in the Classification of Mammographic Micro-Calcifications
  • 3D Shape Compression and Simplification
  • Automatic generation of feature inventory from 3D point cloud
  • 3D Shape Search