Current PhD Projects

Name of StudentProject Title/Research Area
ALGHAMDI, Fahad (faa3) Data Mining in E Learning
CHEN, Chengyuan (chc16) Fuzzy set theory
Shen, Liang (lls08) Evolutionary Algorithm with Mixed Strategy Adopting to Local Fitness Landscape
SONG, Jingping (jis17) Network Security Modelling
SU, Pan (pas23) Fuzzy assessment
ZHANG, Yongfeng (yoz1) Analysis and modelling of mars panorama images
ZHENG, Ling (liz5) Fuzzy interpolative rule antecedent selection with harmony search-based techniques
GREEN, James (jtg09) Failure Mode and Effect Analysis in Model Driven Architecture
ALOLAYAN, Bushra (bua3) User Acceptance of the Smart Fridge
GUI, Chen (chg12) Autonomous Surface Sample Acquisition for Rover-Based Planetary Exploration
LOU, Lu (lul1) Navigation of mobile robot
PAN, Lilan (lip8) Autonomous Rock Sample Acquisition
BLANCHARD, Tom (ttb7) An endocrine inspired approach to self-healing, adaptation and sensing in wireless sensor networks
SCULLY, Peter (pds7) Self-healing Architectures against Malware Propagation
RAMPUN, Andrik (yar) Prostate Cancer Detection, Localisation and Staging Identification based on Diffusion MRI
SECK, Alassane (als31) 3D Texture Analysis and Synthesis from 3D Facial Images for Skin Health and Ageing Assessment
WANG, Liping (liw9) A Unifying Framework for Brain MRI Segmentation
WANG, Shisheng (sfw7) 3D computer vision for plant phenomics
BARRETO, Suzana (szb) 3D Visualisation
OSOSINSKI, Marek (mro7) Optimisation of Laser Scan Data Acquisition
ROSCOE, Jonathan (jjr6) Improved Diagnosis and Localisation of Prostate Cancer through MRI and Ultrasound Data Fusion
WALKER, Maximillian (mjw9) Dynamic Route Planning in Ice Strewn Water
AL-HERSH, Eslam (esa3) Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
CHARLTON, Jessica (jec44)  Autonomous Science for Planetary Exploration
CHEN, Tianhua (chc16) Fuzzy Assessment of Academic Papers
HOSKINS, Pete (peh) The characteristics of programming as a Threshold Concept in different populations.
LANIHUN, Olalekan (oal) Improved algorithms in Neuro-evolution computational techniques for vision problem.
MOHAMMED, Muhanad (mhm1) Design for collective construction behaviour with swarm robotics using evolutionary approach.
NARAYAN, Aparajit (apn3) An evolutionary approach to road followin
WAQAR, Muhammad (muw1) Emotions detection using non-contact video-based methods.