Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Research Group

The Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Research Group (IGSRG – AberGender) is a crossdepartmental research group based at Aberystwyth University. It draws together research on genders, sexualities, society, politics and intersectionality across the University, providing an interdisciplinary hub for collaboration and knowledge exchange within Aberystwyth and beyond.

The goal of the group is to bring together students and members of staff from different departments within Aberystwyth University who have common interests.  We offer a transdisciplinary forum for discussion, networking, personal and professional development, and a more general exchange of ideas. Beyond the immediate realm of Aberystwyth University, we also aim to establish further networks with interested people studying or working in other universities and institutions, including activists and artists. Such dialogues raise both awareness and questions for the themes present in our research.  

Following on from the success of our re-launch in May 2024, we seek to consolidate and further relationships with individuals and groups working on issues relating to gender.




Interim Co-convenors

Yvonne Ehrstein, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences,

Megan Talbot, Department of Law and Criminology,