Staff Profiles - Research Staff

Picture Name Role Email Telephone
Dr Melissa Chapot Dr Melissa Chapot Research Fellow - Investigating the Deep Roots of Human Behaviour
Dr Debra Colarossi Dr Debra Colarossi Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Luminescence Dating +44 (0) 1970 622632
Dr Samuel Doyle Dr Samuel Doyle Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Glaciology
Ms Flossie Kingsbury Ms Flossie Kingsbury Post-doctoral Research Associate (WISERD Civil Society)
Dr Siobhan Maderson Dr Siobhan Maderson Post-Doctoral Research Fellow +44 (0) 1970 622580
Dr Suvarna Punalekar Dr Suvarna Punalekar Remote Sensing / Data Scientist
Dr Patrick Robson Dr Patrick Robson Post-Doctoral Research Associate (EU CHERISH) +44 (0) 1970 622616
Ms Amy Sanders Ms Amy Sanders Post-Doctoral Research Associate - WISERD
Dr Rita Singer Dr Rita Singer Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Project Coordinator +44 (0) 1970 622654