Prof Paul Brewer

BSc Geography (UCW) PhD (Aberystwyth)

Prof Paul Brewer


Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Contact Details


  • 2015-present Professor of Physical Geography
    • 2013-2015 Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Aberystwyth University
    • 1993-2012 - Lecturer in Physical Geography, Aberystwyth University
    • 1987-1993 Research Assistant (UWA)
    • 1987 BSc Geography (UCW)
    • Member of Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research (CCCR) Executive Committee
    • Director of Fluvio river basin consultancy

Additional Information

  • AU Quality Assurance Committee
  • AU Research Degrees Board
  • IGHPP Executive Committee
  • DGES Executive Committee
  • DGES and IGHPP Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • DGES Postgraduate Exam Board Chair
  • DGES Learning and Teaching Committee



Research Interests

Geomorphology, fluvial processes, channel pattern change, siltation and sedimentation problems, impacts of tailings dam failures and metal mining activity on fluvial systems.

DGES Projects (Principle Investigator)

  • COWEB - Citizen Observatory Web. Funded by EU FP7

DGES Projects (Affiliated With)

  • Virtual Observatory. Funded by NERC.
  • Impacts of hydrological variability on material transfers through the river estuary transition zone. Funded by NERC.

Current PhD Students

Postdoctoral Supervision

  • Dr Barry Evans

Research Groups


Lamine, S, Pandey, M, Petropoulos, G, Brewer, P, Srivastava, PK, Manevski, K, Toulios, L, Bachari, N-E & Macklin, M 2020, Spectroradiometry as a tool for monitoring soil contamination by heavy metals in a floodplain site. in PC Pandey, PK Srivastava, H Balzter, B Bhattacharya & GP Petropoulos (eds), Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications. Earth Observation, Elsevier, pp. 249-268.
Lamine, S, Petropoulos, G, Brewer, P, Bachari, N-E-I, Srivastava, PK, Manevski, K, Kalaitzidis, C & Macklin, M 2019, 'Heavy metals soil contamination detection using combined geochemistry and ASD Field Spectrometry over a highly contaminated floodplain site in the United Kingdom', Sensors, vol. 19, no. 4, 762.
Hudson-Edwards, KA, Byrne, P, Bird, G, Brewer, P, Burke, I, Jamieson, H, Macklin, M & Williams, R 2019, 'Origin and fate of Vanadium in the Hazeltine Creek Catchment following the 2014 Mount Polley mine tailings spill, British Columbia, Canada', Environmental Science & Technology.
O'Grady, MJ, Evans, B, Eigbogba, S, Muldoon, C, Campbell, A, Brewer, P & O'Hare, GMP 2019, 'Supporting participative pre-flood risk reduction in a UNESCO biosphere', Journal of Flood Risk Management.
Kincey, M, Warburton, J & Brewer, P 2018, 'Contaminated sediment flux from eroding abandoned historical metal mines: Spatial and temporal variability in geomorphological drivers', Geomorphology, vol. 319, pp. 199-215.
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