Dr Samuel Doyle BSc Hon Geography with Mountain Leadership (First Class) MSc Glaciology (Distinction)

Dr Samuel Doyle

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Glaciology

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Sam received a BSc in Geography with Mountain Leadership (First Class Honours) from Staffordshire University and a MSc in Glaciology (Distinction) from Aberystwyth University. In summer 2009 Sam gathered data for his MSc dissertation whilst assisting Prof. Alun Hubbard from Aberystwyth University for 4 months in West Greenland. Following which Sam found a job with the British Antarctic Survey as a Project Assistant to Dr Andy Smith and spent 3 months in a remote field camp undertaking seismic and radar surveys on Rutford Ice Stream. From Antarctica, Sam went back to Greenland, again working for Prof. Alun Hubbard in the acquisition of geophysical data until early August 2010.

Following this Sam led a climbing expedition to NW Greenland and sailed home across the North Atlantic to start his PhD at Aberystwyth entitled 'GPS-based investigations of basal controls on the motion of the Greenland Ice Sheet'. Sam was involved with the filming of the BBC's series Frozen Planet in 2010 andOperation Iceberg in 2012. Sam is now working as a Postdoctoral Researcher\Technician on the SAFIRE project, which involves hot water drilling and borehole instrumentation on Store Glacier in West Greenland.

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  • Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet
  • Ice sheet and glacier hydrology
  • GPS surveying
  • Geophysics
  • Borehole instrumentation

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