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Plastic Free Day 25.10.18

We will be holding a Plastic Free Day on Thursday 25 October, featuring a range of short presentations from local businesses and stakeholders, followed by open Q&A. 

Plastic Free Certification

In May 2018 both the University Executive Group and Council approved support to work towards becoming one of the first universities in the UK to achieve Plastic free Certification.

Prevent Duty Guidance

All colleagues should have an awareness of the requirements of the Prevent Duty Guidance. Further information is available Prevent.

Travel Policy

All staff should familiarise themselves with the University's Travel Policy, which is available Travel.

Lone Working Policy

A Lone Working Policy is now available, which colleagues are encouraged to familiarise themselves with. The Policy and accompanying guidance are available here.

Travel Information

Colleagues should heed all guidance involving travel for the purposes of University business. Information, including the latest travel notices, are available on the Finance Department website at: