Insect-based food project expands at Aberystwyth University

18 November 2021

Scientists at Aberystwyth University are looking at insects as a potentially valuable source of animal feed.

First look inside Wales’ brand new Vet School

19 November 2021

Aberystwyth University has released the first pictures of Wales’ only School of Veterinary Science which opened for the first time this year.

Disrupting the body clocks of fish could be bad for their health

16 November 2021

The body clocks of rainbow trout shape daily rhythms of their immune system and the beneficial microorganisms that inhabit their skin, according to new research from a team including Aberystwyth academics.

Aberystwyth student wins prestigious award for animal cancer work

04 November 2021

An Aberystwyth University student has won a prestigious award for developing a new method that could help diagnose animal diseases and cancers.