Be a Part of World Leading Research

The PhD programme is among the most successful in the world. Students undertaking PhD research are an integral part of the Department’s renowned Research. Their considerable achievements are indicated in several prize winning theses, high quality published work, and success in the job market. 

The Department was ranked 7th overall and 5th in terms of world-leading research (with 44% of research submission judged as world-leading and 32% internationally excellent) (REF 2014). This commitment to research excellence is supported by unparalleled departmental support and the best supervision practices in the field.

An internationally recognised group of scholars are experienced in supervising original PhD research falling into several broad areas:

  • Foreign and Defence Policy
  • European and Welsh Politics
  • International Relations Theory
  • Normative International Theory
  • Postcolonialism
  • Intelligence Studies
  • International History
  • Military History
  • Cold War History
  • Security Studies
  • Strategic Studies
  • Third World
  • Global Health

The Department welcomes PhD research projects that address one or more of these areas or which adopt an inter-disciplinary approach.  Equally welcome are projects that challenge the traditional cartography of the discipline by drawing on unorthodox ideas and approaches. To apply for a place on the PhD programme you will need a to prepare a research proposal, complete an application form and provide two references.

 Our students say:

"The intellectual community at InterPol is warm, tight-knit, and challenging.  I really couldn’t have chosen a better graduate programme, or a better place to spend my grad school years."‌‌‌‌‌‌ Megan Daigle, Ph.D (2012)