PhD Supervision

The Department of International Politics offers the highest standard of PhD supervision in the field. 

Each student is assigned two supervisors—primary and secondary.  Primary supervisors meet with students every three weeks during term-time and every four weeks out of term-time.  Secondary supervisors attend the first and last supervision meeting during each semester.  The exceptionally close working relationship encouraged by this approach to supervision is an important factor in explaining the Department’s outstanding completion rate, which exceeds the 90% threshold.

Great care is taken in ensuring that each PhD student has the expert supervision required to complete the project within the normal period of registration.  Supervision arrangements are assigned by the Director of Graduate Studies.  Both students and supervisors are supported by the Director of Graduate Studies, who oversees the supervisory process with a view to making certain that the highest standards are maintained. 

A process of research monitoring is employed in matters pertaining to progression in the programme and to ensure that the project is completed in good time.