The Department of International Politics offers generous support for students undertaking PhD research. All PhD students are provided with shared office space, photocopying allowance, and membership in a professional organisation, such as the British International Studies Association (BISA) or the Political Studies Association (PSA).

Professional Development

Professional development is regarded as an integral part of the PhD programme. Each year PhD students are required to present aspects of their research to their peers and to members of staff. In the third year PhD students present the entire project to the International Politics Research Seminar (IPRS), which is attended by the entire PhD community and all research and teaching staff. Distinguished speakers from outside the Department also take part in the IPRS seminar, including Professor Richard Ned Lebow, Baroness Onora O’Neill, Professor Robert Putnam, and Professor Chris Brown.

PhD students also benefit from an ongoing series of professional development workshops that address issues ranging from the challenges of writing and research to issues related to publishing and entering the job market. The aim of these workshops is to ensure that Aberystwyth PhD students are prepared for the next stage of their careers: intellectually and professionally.